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To coincide with International Women in Engineering Day on 23 June 2019, the IET launched a new video campaign designed to show people just how diverse and inclusive the engineering profession really is.

The #IAmAnEngineer campaign video features 23 real-life engineers from all backgrounds and walks of life and is designed to alter outdated perceptions within engineering.

The powerful poem talks about how our differences and individual characteristics work together to create solutions to some of the world’s biggest challenges. It doesn’t matter who you are - whether you are black or white or homosexual, engineering is a viable career path for all.


In 2018, we launched a video campaign designed to challenge industry stereotypes that might be stifling young people’s career choices.

The #SmashStereotypesToBits video features five women engineers turning the idea of a stereotypical ‘pillow fight’ on its head by using their skills in engineering.

Portrait of an engineer

To dispel ingrained ideas of what a typical engineer ‘looks like’, in 2017 we launched a campaign to showcase engineering in a completely different light, dramatically highlighting the diverse career opportunities available in the industry through stunning and unexpected imagery.

NinePercentIsNotEnough campaign

One of our most successful social media campaigns was #9percentisnotenough which launched in 2016 to highlight the fact that only 9% of the UK’s engineering and technology workforce were women. The campaign was recognised by several industry awards, picking up four accolades.

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